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This ambitious, collaborative project has been blessed with an unwavering support of many enthusiastic individuals as well as these two organizations. Please support them in kind: Attend events; Join; Donate!

The Luann Dummer Center for Women

In honor of its founder, Dr. Luann Dummer, the Center for Women at the University of St. Thomas supports the aspirations of women faculty, staff, and students through a variety of programs, activities, and resources.

Special thanks to Dr. Young-Ok An (Professor of English), director of the Center, and the LDCW board for awarding its annual Professional Development Grant to support the Music For Peace project.  Learn about how you can become wonderfully and rewardingly engaged in all that the Women's Center has to offer at their WEBSITE 

The Re-Imagining Community

Special thanks to Dr. Sherry Jordon (Associate Professor of Theology) for wisely noting the convergence between the message, ethos, and inclusive diversity of Music for Peace and the ecumenical spirit of the Re-Imagining Community.  Were Mary Lou Williams here today, I feel certain that she would appreciate the exuberant vision of an inclusive church that Re-Imagining seeks to create.  Learn more about this unique organization and its special Twenty-Fifth Anniversary celebration of events every month in 2018,

Special Thanks

Dr. Anne Klejement, Professor of History, University of St. Thomas

The musicians of the Music for Peace vocal ensemble and the Swing Sisterhood Big Band

...Most Of All... Thank You to Mary Lou Williams, who gave everything to her music. May we be blessed to experience even a glimpse of the Divine sonic world in which she lived, so that we might foster and continue that spirit of healing through our own lives.

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